For Employees

By utilising today's technology, there is no longer a need for you to carry different documentation such as cards or copies of certificates to prove competency. All the data and copies of information is stored in the cloud making it accessible anywhere and at anytime.
Your qualifications, skills, competencies will all be verified and uploaded onto the MTP secure portal ready for access as and when you require. 
You will be issued with a photographic ID smart card that you will use to confirm your details
These details will include photographic ID, contact information for your employer and a simple and clear list of your skills, competencies and training qualifications.
Your list utilises a simple traffic light system to show whether training is current (Green), due to expire (Amber) or expired (Red) along with training date, expiry date and electronic copies of certification where applicable.
No personal or sensitive information is accessible via the portal only your training qualifications, photo and work contact information provided.
Access to data is straight forward with your smart card, you can use either the QR code printed on the front using a smartphone, the embedded chip and a NFC reader & PC or NFC enabled smartphone or by visiting the portal directly at using a web browser.
 Lost or damaged cards can be cancelled immediately by managers and group managers, simply report the card lost and a replacement with a new code will be sent out to you.
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