About Us

My Training Passport Limited was founded in 2015, but the journey and our philosophy began a long time before that.

Our Founder & Director, Mark Haylett, has a long history within industrial safety and training spanning over 25 years. Those early years working for major manufacturers of safety equipment gave him insight and experience in so many industrial sectors that shaped and formed his ideology for customer service, understanding needs and the use of technology to improve safety and the well being of workers. In 2004, Mark decided to step away from working for manufacturers and with 2 other directors started Total Protection (UK) Limited. This leading industrial safety and training company focused on bringing new technologies to organisations across the UK, by understanding the needs of companies and their employees.


In 2014, whilst Mark and Total Protection were trying to land a major UK company as a training client, he again heard these regular complaints and their desire to move away from field personnel carrying hard copy folders of certificates and training for clients. They wanted something them in the field as well as streamline the management of training. It was then in those conversations that the concept of MTP was born.
The idea was later pitched and the client was sold on the concept, Mark was fully aware that this would also work for companies around the globe.
In 2015, Mark sold his shares in Total Protection and started My Training Passport as a stand-alone SaaS company. April 2015 saw us ‘go live’ with our first customer, yes that same customer who helped us shape and form the basis of MTP. With MTP in the field we were able to quickly tweak and improve the system and attract more customers. As new customers joined, the system evolved as we grew, ensuring everyone’s needs were listened to, implemented and shared with other organisations, to help improve their management of employee training.


We are now due to launch our renewed platform ‘MTP 2.0’, the first version with all its updates did everything it was asked to do by customers and more. MTP 2.0 will see an increase in security, speed and the ability for us to add further features which makes MTP the number one choice for managing and presenting training, skills and competencies around the world.