Managing & Demonstrating Training Compliance has never been simpler..

A Powerful Management System

My Training Passport is a cloud based powerful manangement System that takes the day to day hassle of managing staff skills and qualifications. With everyday tasks automated, our feature rich system creates visibility and awareness across your whole company. Ensuring compliance and promoting growth and knowledge within your organisation.


Revolutionise your Training Matrix

Ditch the spreadsheet! Now you have access to a training matrix that is easy to understand and can be customised with just a few clicks, so you can quickly and easily see the training matrix for the whole organisation, select members or an individual which you can download and share.


Get reminders when and to who you want them. Set company default notification periods, whether just singular or multiple reminders to keep individuals and teams up to date. Plus set specific custom reminders for those that need something specific. 

Reports at the Click of a Button

Whether you want to see all training due within a set time period, training spends, hours or trends, we have a range of reports that can provide you with the answers quickly and easily. Customise to suit your needs and easily export and share when and where you need them.

Roles & Gap Analysis

Role coverage and skill gap analysis provide incredible insights for your organisation. It provides information for targeted and effective hiring and helps you understand the skills needed to help your organisation grow, develop staff and differentiate you from competitors


Your course titles and names in the system. Regardless of provider, My Training Passport works for all course types, whether a formal qualification, a short duration course, toolbox talk or even an induction, our system works with you and your needs.

CITB Grant Claim

If your organisation is registered with the CITB , My Training Passport can be set up to provide all your training information for your grant claim at the click of a button, whether for an individual claim or the complete organisation, your claim information can be ready in minutes.

Training Sessions & Toolbox Talks

If you conduct training sessions or toolbox talks for groups of individuals, My Training Passport can take away the pain and hassle of sign in sheets, manual course information uploading and certificate generation. Simply setup the course and delegates can sign in with a tap of their smart card. Carry out the training and when complete My Training Passport will update each delegates training record and provide a certificate.

Getting Started is as easy as 123…


Getting Started

After selecting your plan, getting started with MTP is easy. We can take your existing matrix and records and import all your data for you or you can schedule a free training session and import your data yourselves. 


Sharing Your Training – Our Smartcard

All your training records regardless of provider in a single card, simply tap the card on a smart phone or scan the QR code to instantly bring up a persons training records, anytime and anywhere you need them.

Sharing Your Training – Wallet App

Designed to work with wallet apps, with MTP you can simply select which training record you want and have it added to your phone wallet instantly, then share when and where you need to.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say about us

My Training Passport has improved our training processes and provided instant visibility of training compliance to both our employees and customers

Kirstie Nuttycombe

Director, Imperium Limited

We have been using this product for over 4 years now to manage the training records for 600+ employee and 400+ subcontractors. My Training Passport is a essential tool for our planning and management teams to manage the training/SQEP capabilities of our staff and contractors on a large nuclear estate and external buildings.

Craig Morton


My Training Passport has been working closely with us to integrate an efficient, user friendly and cost effective solution for managing training throughout our business.  The system is easy to navigate and ensures that individual training limitations are understood. 

Graham McCarroll

Health & Safety Manager, Mulholland Contracts

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