What are the Benefits of Digital Training Records?

High-quality training underpins the success of every business, and My Training Passport is here to ensure that any training your business requires runs as smoothly as possible.

In a world where the digital sphere has massively expanded (and continues to do so), electronic training management must now follow the rising trend of online records.

But the world of digital systems can be confusing; that’s why we’ve broken down what digital training records are, the benefits of going digital, and why tracking your employee training records is essential.

So, sit back and learn how My Training Passport could save you money, time and effort!

What is a digital training record?

It’s no secret that compliance-heavy industries such as construction, Civils, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Facilities Management, HR and Health and Safety require up-to-date training records and compliance documents. Could you imagine the uproar if they didn’t?

The media often labels these industries as dangerous, but we can remove this label with the correct training and records systems. The requirement for up-to-date training records and compliance documents provides employees with a safe workplace environment.

Not only this, but compliance also protects the public and the environment. Safety must always be your top priority.

When training records are digital, they are safer, more easily accessible and sustainable. Did you know that according to Docuware, it can require 2-13 litres of water to make a single piece of paper?

Digital training records allow for maintaining strict records, and with just a click of a button, you can prove your company is compliant with employee training standards, operating regulations and equipment safety to industry or governmental mandates.

Why should you go digital?

Enough of the ‘what’; time for the ‘why’…

Save yourself money and time

Nobody likes to waste time or money, but without digital training records, you’ll have done it without realising!

Ditch the spreadsheet and the countless hours, ensuring that your employee records and training schedule are up to date. Instead, let us show you the smart way to achieve 100% compliance with ease.

Imagine how many working hours are wasted on these administrative tasks when you could be working on something worth the wage.

Save yourself money by working smarter, not harder!

100% legal and compliant

As all training records are stored on our online platform with My Training Passport, your employees always have them on hand.

No more hours filled with stress in the office looking for paper records when a health and safety inspector visits your site, they’ll be in and out in no time, letting you get back to business!

Equally as important, it means that you don’t have to worry about anyone slipping through the net as the digital record training automation makes sure that your staff have the correct certifications.

Training reminders

Never forget to renew training again! Automation training benefits are abundant, but this is one of our favourites.

Get reminders sent to the member of staff of your choice and choose when you want them with My Training Passport. You can even set company default notification periods for individuals or whole teams to keep all employees up to date.

Got employees that need training in something niche or specific? Not a problem! My Training Passport allows you to set specific custom reminders for those that need them.

Why track employee training records?

Other than just being organised and professional, tracking your employee training records can positively impact the business.

Let’s name a few reasons why you should track employee training records…

  • Certification tracking (e.g., Plant Licenses, First Aid, Site Inductions)
  • Resource management (e.g., choosing the right team for a project or task force)
  • Employee development, upskilling, reskilling and retention
  • Security, such as email and passwords
  • Health and safety

It can be a complex task to keep the vast amounts of training and regulatory compliance records up to date and easily accessible for any company, large or small. With the added stress of changing regulations, new hires, equipment upgrades and expiring licenses, the layers of complexities only build up, causing an overwhelming amount of paperwork to be sat on your desk!

So, what’s the best way to manage training and compliance records?

Luckily for employers, comprehensive software packages like My Training Passport make managing these crucial records hassle-free. By using reminders, accessing reports at the click of a button, viewing roles and gap analysis, digital compliance tracking has become a streamlined process that can be implemented into your business.

So, from saving you time and money, and creating a hassle-free and paperwork-free desk, to automatic training reminders that always keep you 100% compliant, shifting to a digital system is a no-brainer!

Want to find out more about how My Training Passport can manage your training records? Contact the Director of My Training Passport, Mark Haylett, for a FREE Demonstration!